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Pins are awarded for 1st, 5th and 10th 9Mark and T80. A 6Bull coin is awarded for the 1st 6Bull.    Milestone Awards are given for 25th , 50th and 100th 9Mark and T80.   Marks are recorded from legible scoresheets submitted to the Executive Director.


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Current Season - 9Marks, T80s and 6Bulls

Name # Mark 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ANGUS, Eric 5  9Mk       Wk05 Wk12          
ANGUS, Eric 5  T80       Wk03 Wk11          
AXLINE, Chris 6  9Mk           Wk09        
BECRAFT, Shaun FWD  9Mk                   Wk01
BECRAFT, Shaun 31  9Mk Wk13                  
BECRAFT, Shaun 6  T80           Wk08        
BOUDREAUX, Ricky FWD  9Mk                   Wk03
BOUDREAUX, Ricky 14  9Mk Wk06 Wk06 Wk06 Wk08            
BOUDREAUX, Ricky 13  T80 Wk09 Wk09 Wk11              
BOUDREAUX, Ricky FWD  T80       Wk03 Wk04 Wk05 Wk08 Wk08 Wk08 Wk09
BROWN Sr, Phil 2  T80   Wk02                
BROWN, Mark 1  9Mk Wk04                  
BROWN, Philip 2  6Bulls Wk06 Wk09                
BROWN, Philip FWD  9Mk     Wk04 Wk04 Wk04 Wk05 Wk05 Wk06 Wk06 Wk09
BROWN, Philip 34  9Mk Wk09 Wk09 Wk09 Wk09            
BROWN, Philip FWD  T80                   Wk04
BROWN, Philip 33  T80 Wk05 Wk09 Wk11              
BRUMFIELD, Vernon 3  9Mk     Wk06              
DALY, Mark 65  9Mk Wk09 Wk09 Wk09 Wk11 Wk13          
DALY, Mark FWD  9Mk           Wk03 Wk06 Wk08 Wk09 Wk09
DALY, Mark FWD  T80         Wk03 Wk03 Wk04 Wk04 Wk05 Wk05
DALY, Mark FWD  T80 Wk07 Wk07 Wk07 Wk08 Wk08 Wk08 Wk09 Wk11 Wk11 Wk11
DALY, Mark 94  T80 Wk11 Wk12 Wk13 Wk13            
DALY, Ronda 2  T80   Wk01                
DEREMER, Doug 97  9Mk   Wk07 Wk07 Wk09 Wk11 Wk11 Wk11      
DEREMER, Doug 80  T80             Wk05 Wk05 Wk05 Wk07
DIEDRICK, Tyler 1  T80 Wk13                  
DUVALL, Kim 1  T80 Wk04                  
FARKAS, Andrew 1  9Mk Wk02                  
FITZGERALD, John "JP" 13  9Mk Wk02 Wk08 Wk11              
FITZGERALD, John "JP" 29  T80 Wk01 Wk01 Wk01 Wk03 Wk03 Wk07 Wk09 Wk11 Wk12  
FRENZINGER, Kat 3  T80   Wk04                
GARDNER, David 8  9Mk               Wk09    
GARDNER, David 7  T80           Wk09 Wk09      
GUIZON, Odie 2  9Mk   Wk06                
GUIZON, Odie 4  T80     Wk11 Wk11            
HAMPTON, Nicolas 2  9Mk Wk09 Wk11                
HAMPTON, Nicolas 2  T80 Wk08 Wk11                
HOVEY, Reid 23  9Mk     Wk08              
JACKOWSKI, Thomas "TJ" 44  T80       Wk11            
JOHNSON, Kenneth FWD  9Mk                   Wk03
JOHNSON, Kenneth 11  9Mk Wk06                  
KIDD, Mark 25  9Mk       Wk04 Wk08          
KRAMER, Nicklaus B 1  T80 Wk13                  
LANKES, Chris 52  9Mk Wk04 Wk06                
LANKES, Chris 60  T80                 Wk01 Wk11
LANTZ, Michael 4  9Mk       Wk02            
LANTZ, Michael 7  T80             Wk07      
MARSTEN, Jason 11  T80 Wk01                  
MC DONALD, David 1  T80 Wk05                  
Mc GARRIGLE, Brian 24  9Mk       Wk08            
Mc GARRIGLE, Brian 25  T80         Wk11          
MEDINA, Pete 6  T80           Wk04        
MOORE, Chris 19  9Mk                 Wk11  
PALMISANO, Mark 18  T80               Wk12    
PAYNE, Gary 3  9Mk     Wk11              
PETERS, Zach 3  9Mk     Wk11              
PETREN, Kristofer 9  T80         Wk03 Wk05 Wk06 Wk12    
RALSTON, Shawn 4  9Mk       Wk05            
RASHID, Naseer 1  T80 Wk08                  
RAUBAUGH, Erik 15  9Mk Wk02 Wk04 Wk12 Wk12 Wk12          
RAUBAUGH, Erik 3  T80   Wk01 Wk09              
SCHWEIKART, Bill FWD  T80                   Wk05
SCHWEIKART, Bill 11  T80 Wk05                  
TAN, Joselito 14  9Mk       Wk06            
TAYLOR, Graham 3  9Mk Wk05 Wk11 Wk13              
TAYLOR, Graham 1  T80 Wk01                  
TAYLOR, Phil 1  9Mk Wk06                  
TUCKER, Michael 15  T80         Wk11          
URANO, Keith 3  9Mk     Wk13              
VOLLMER, Kevin 2  6Bulls   Wk09                
VOLLMER, Kevin 3  T80   Wk13