Washington Area OPEN Results ~ June 2007


1st Place

2nd Place

Top 4

Top 4


Mens Doubles Cricket

Bobby Demarr and Andy Shizak

Steve Harrinson and Shaun Becraft

Rob Ferris and Eddie Cantler

Doug Watkins and Steve Oberti

Ladies Doubles Cricket

Dorothy Spencer and Julia Oberti

Canna Beringer and Candi Watkins

Nicole Smith and Lynn Martin

April Torbic and Debbie Demarr

Mens Singles Ckt

Doug Watkins

Steve Harrison

Bill Schweikart

Jesse Beach

Top 8

Alan Matthews

Scott Groves

Tim Haiber

Joe VanVoorhees

Ladies Singles Ckt

Dorothy Spencer

Lynn Martin

Kirsten Anderson

Debbie Demarr

Mixed Doubles 501

Nicole Smith and Alan Matthews

Doug Watkins and Julia Oberti

Matt Thomson and Debbie Demarr

Candi Watkins and Tommy Eglin

501/Cricket/CC LOD

Alan Matthews and Crash

Andy Shizak and Vinnie Vinson

William Lemelin and Tommy Eglin

Rob Ferris and Doug Watkins

Top 8

Jennifer Voce and Canna Beringer

Pat Arnold and Harold Shrewsbury

Lynn Martin and Scott Groves

Ray Eihausen and Nicole Smith


Mixed Triples 701

Steve Oberti, Doug Watkins and Dorothy Spencer

Lynn Martin, Eddie Cantler and Andy Shizak

Scott Groves, Nicole Maddin and Joe VanVoorhees

Vinnie Vinson, Harold Shrewsbury and Laura Werner

Mens Singles 501

Doug Watkins

Harold Shrewsbury

Alan Matthews

Steve Harrison

Top 8

Chuggy Raley

Eddie Cantler

Reid Hovey

Rob Ferris

Ladies Singles 501

Dorothy Spencer

Nicole Smith

Kirsten Anderson

Apryl Torbic

Mens Doubles 501

Truck Davis and Reid Hovey

Doug Watkins and Steve Oberti

Darren Parzow and Alan Matthews

Scott Groves and Tommy Eglin

Ladies Doubles 501

Amy O'Neal and Canna Beringer

Lynn Martin and Nicole Smith

Mary Habig and Kirsten Anderson

Nicole Maddin and Laura Werner