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Pins are awarded for 1st, 5th and 10th 9Mark and T80. A 6Bull coin is awarded for the 1st 6Bull.    Milestone Awards are given for 25th , 50th and 100th 9Mark and T80.   Marks are recorded from legible scoresheets submitted to the Executive Director.


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Current Season - 9Marks, T80s and 6Bulls

Name # Mark 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
AJRAWAT, Rana 1  9Mk Wk01                  
ALEXANDER, Marty 2  T80 Wk04                  
ALLEN, Ray 30  9Mk                   Wk02
BEST, Ryan 3  9Mk     Wk02              
BILGER, Levi 1  T80 Wk03                  
BRADSHAW, James 6  T80     Wk02 Wk05 Wk05 Wk05        
DALY, Mark 3  9Mk     Wk01              
DALY, Mark 10  T80         Wk02 Wk02 Wk03 Wk04 Wk05 Wk05
DEREMER, Doug 38  T80           Wk02 Wk04 Wk05    
FITZGERALD, John 2  T80   Wk05                
GABELA, Sebastian 1  9Mk Wk04                  
GLAZE, Scott 2  T80   Wk05                
HERRERA, Sergio 3  T80     Wk01              
HINTON, Adam 2  9Mk   Wk03                
JACKOWSKI, Thomas "TJ" 31  T80 Wk05                  
JACKOWSKI, Thomas "TJ" FWD  T80                 Wk03 Wk03
LARKIN, Todd 39  9Mk                 Wk02  
Mc GARRIGLE, Brian 17  9Mk             Wk03      
Mc GARRIGLE, Brian 17  T80             Wk03      
PATTERSON, Mike 2  9Mk Wk03                  
Patterson, Mike 5  T80 Wk01 Wk01 Wk01 Wk04 Wk04          
PETREN, Kristofer 2  T80 Wk03                  
SOUSA, Jason 1  9Mk Wk02                  
SPEIDEL, Mike 8  9Mk               Wk03    
TAN, Joselito 2  9Mk   Wk02                
TUCKER, Michael 7  T80           Wk01 Wk01      
VINSON, Robert 42  T80 Wk05 Wk05                
VINSON, Robert FWD  T80                 Wk02 Wk04
VITCHERS, Charlie Jr. 2  T80   Wk04