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Pins are awarded for 1st, 5th and 10th 9Mark and T80. A 6Bull coin is awarded for the 1st 6Bull.    Milestone Awards are given for 25th , 50th and 100th 9Mark and T80.   Marks are recorded from legible scoresheets submitted to the Executive Director.


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Current Season - 9Marks, T80s and 6Bulls

Name # Mark 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
AJRAWAT, Rana 3  9Mk     Wk04              
ALLEN, Ray 34  9Mk     Wk03 Wk07            
BEACH, Jesse 30  9Mk                   Wk08
BOHNETT, Mike 6  9Mk           Wk06        
BUCKLEY, Mark Jr 12  9Mk Wk08 Wk10                
BUCKLEY, Mark Jr FWD  9Mk                 Wk08 Wk08
CALLEN, Dashiel 2  T80 Wk11 Wk11                
DALY, Mark FWD  9Mk                   Wk03
DALY, Mark 34  9Mk Wk08 Wk08 Wk09 Wk10            
DALY, Mark 56  T80           Wk05        
DEFFET, Colin 1  9Mk Wk11                  
GLAZE, Scott 4  9Mk       Wk10            
HOVEY, Reid 26  T80           Wk12        
HUBBARD, Ryan 1  9Mk Wk05                  
LANKES, Chris 50  T80                   Wk08
LARKIN, Todd 27  T80           Wk02 Wk10      
MELTON, Rebecca 1  T80 Wk11                  
PARKS, Matt 2  9Mk Wk10 Wk11                
PATTERSON, Mike 5  9Mk       Wk03            
PETERSON, Chris 2  9Mk   Wk03                
PETREN, Kristofer 6  9Mk           Wk13        
PETREN, Kristofer 3  T80   Wk13                
PHILLIPS, Tee 37  9Mk             Wk07      
SCHWEIKART, Bill 8  9Mk               Wk02    
SCHWEIKART, Bill 9  T80             Wk02 Wk02 Wk02  
SKAPURA, Brian 51  T80 Wk10                  
SKAPURA, Brian FWD  T80               Wk05 Wk06 Wk08
SOUSA, Jason 2  9Mk   Wk07                
TAN, Joselito 8  9Mk               Wk04